McPRO M70 coating is especially developed for DIY users. You can easily and clearly follow the following SOP to understand how to do the coating by yourself. If you have any question, please free feel to contact us .


Car Body Wash

Prepare 2pcs of sponge for car wash, one for car body and another for car wheels. Please follow the following SOP.
High pressure cleaning–> Car shampoo–> Wash by sponge–> High pressure cleaning (more details please contact us directly)

Noted:Use Clay bar (or Clay mittens) and Iron cut remover to clean the Iron cuts and asphalt on car paint carefully.


Drying with Microfiber

Drying with microfiber and high pressure air on car body detailing.


Sillcone and Wax Remove

Please remove sillcone, old wax and moisture by microfiber with 75% alcohol or IPA on car paint softly.


Car Body Coating

Pour M70 liquid on sponge as the above video shows

Follow the video to apply the coating by sponge smoothly and wipe off coating by A/B/C microfiber step by step. (Apply area at 50cm*50cm)

Plastic, Head light , Dashboard, Wheel , and car paint all can use M70 coating.

Noted:After coating, please double check if any coating remains on car paint.


Maintenance Coating

Don’t touch water after coating 24 hours and don’t wash car within 7 days. Let the coating curing becomes stable.
Please wipe off water if the car touches water within 24 hours after coating. Suggest keeping car in indoor packing lot at least the first day and apply maintance every month at least.details SOP please reference as the video shows.