Dent Repair System

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Dent Repair System

Focus on dent repair system
-Small Damage
-Medium Panel
-Aluminum Panel



Small Damage repair

  • What is efficiency in today’s body-shop?

    We believe that time is money, so each body-shop technician needs the best possible tools to do his or her job professionally and quickly

  • We believe that variable cost should be kept to a minimum, so that more of the turnover will be left over for the body shop after the repair. In other words, not every damaged body panel needs to be replaced. Many can be repaired instead.

  • We believe that small to medium collision damage can be repaired instead of being replaced. We have developed an efficient system called the Flatliner for this type of repair.

T-hotbox dent repair


The T-Hotbox is a handheld unit aimed at making the use simple.  Due to its size it can be easily used.   The T-Hotbox PDR is for the dent removal or dent reduction.  The T-Hotbox Mech is for the mechanic to heat up nuts and bolts.   International Patent Pending:

Pending No. PCT/EP2015/052787

US Patent Pending: Pending No. 14/455,562

China Patent Pending: Pending No. CN204769983U
Available Sets

T-Hotbox PDR (3650)

T-Hotbox Mech (3600)



Small heat pen T

Gule repair system

The Glue Puller GP2 is a state-of-the-art dent removal device that will greatly simplify your job


The glueing repair technique is standard procedure for most modern PDR technicians. It is very practical for areas that cannot be reached with conventional PDR tools.



  • Eliminates the need to dismantle  body panels in many cases
  • Dents are always accessible
  • Saves time and money
  • Anyone can do it

GP2 GP2 Puller

Glue Gun


25 pce PRO Set (8050)

25 pieces PRO Set (8050)
The ideal set to repair both parking and hail damages.

The 25 pieces Pro Set offers a very wide range of PDR tools in different sizes and shapes. It is an excellent tool for professional technicians to repair both parking and hail damages.

Starled Wide (8410)
The Starled Wide brings LED technology to the PDR industry

LEDs are long lasting and only need a small amount of current. The Starled Wide can be run on a normal motorcycle battery for one to two days. The specially designed and large reflector which is part of the Starled Wide gives an unusually wide and continuous light band. The individual LED dots are invisible thanks to our special reflector. The light stand is adjustable in all directions, extremely lightweight and easy to take apart, thus making it a perfect tool for mobile PDR technicians.

25 pcs Tools set

SPS Case Tools set

Advanced Technician course

Advanced Technician course
Small Damage
Medium Panel

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