• Use a mild detergent to wipe clean the body dry and moisture
  • Please shake well before using the spray after partial wipe cloth surface to smooth and can even push
  • Gloss weak or non-slip surface can rub back and forth a few times more coverage
  • Repeatedly stacked in a short time the effect of increasing


Product Summary
Name Scratch Remover Use Special for car coating and normal car painting.
Applicable All painting color, metal surface Ingredient Nano Fluorocarbon
Capacity 250ml
Warning Not for drink. Improper use please go to hospital immediately and drink lots of water. Please put in somewhere children can’t reach.
Save Please put in the 0°C~40°C place and don’t put under sun directly. Please use all after opening within one year.

Product Features

  1. Apply any color cars
    – After thoroughly cleaning the body and the body of water dry dirt
    – Corresponding to a variety of cars and colors to facilitate construction
    – Use Air polish machine with finish sponge pad , drop few scratch on sponge pad then polish it.
    – Also can used hand and microfiber polish scratch until scratch disappear.
  2. Shiny and water repellent effect lasting, remove stain then keep water repellent effect.
    – Nano technology Fluorocarbon filling scratch and remover the stain.
    – Nano compound can remove stain will not heart coating surface and reduce water repellent effect.
    – Will keep water repellent effect and shiny.


Do not spray on the human body

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