◦M90 series products will bring you a different feel than ever, and we have continued to follow the progress of the latest products and each publication listed.
McPRO products is different from others products , we are starting point to develop environmentally friendly products, will be relatively higher raw material costs, but the damage to the environment and the user can be reduced to a minimum.

◦M90 was developed to reduce the production of coatings produced water spots issues.

◦M90 as the first time to use a “Polysilazane ‘’PHPS’’ ‘’OPSZ”

as a coating material. And successfully and effectively improve water

spots issues! The new technology allows us

to solve the problem of Si-O architecture. Meanwhile M90

essential anti-scratch, anti-chemical cleaning, high hardness, gloss,

high brightness through the surface dirt ability, high water repellency

angle over 110 degrees.

◦Super smoothly surface.

◦Super high hardness at 9H approval by SGS.

◦Ultra-Thin Clear coat(Nanotechnology).



Acid Test Report