Degreaser for Windshield , Remover oil and old coating


Product Summary
product McPRO DW use remove oil and old coating
all glass surface ingredient special Degreaser
capacity 100g or 1Kg color white
not drink, such as improper use of hospital immediately and rinse with water a lot, please put in child’s can’t reach
please put in the 0-40C, not direct sun ,please use after opening finished in a year

Product Features

The car expose in outside, it is easy to incur by pollution, Industrial dust, chemical and environment pollution by three and acid rain. The glass surface easy to adhered oil, water spot and dust, it is difficult to wash out and course wipe jumping and blurred vision. This is dangerous for driver and damage glass main reason.

Let McPRO teaching you how to solve the problem

1. First step, clearing glass surface don’t need change wipe immediately

McPRO DW include nano abraser can easy remove oil, water spot and old coating in the same time and not heart glass surface, and without by any machine.You can follow the video step only wipe by hand.

If your wipe still jumping after wash by DW, that you can consider to change wiper for testing

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