About Us

McPRO auto chemical combination of technology products and services “we have development capability and own formula advantage”. different of professional raw material with cumulative decades of automotive chemical knowledge and experience for the car detailing to achieve the latest technology.
Such as the latest “small molecule silane” and “3D skeleton of organic polysilazane resin technology “, provides a development and manufacturing services, and environmental protection and do not harm the human body as a priority consideration.


  • 2018.2  M90 Prolight coating launch
  •  2017.12 Reach 5000 set car coating in market in five years
  • 2017.10 M90 Master silk coating launch.
  • 2017.9 BetagInnovation phase in Yulon Motor Taiwan.
  • 2017.6  update official website version.3 .
  • 2017.5  BetagInnovation demo in Taiwan.
  • 2017.1  start detailing serves of coating and PPF in Taipei Taiwan.
  • 2016.12 Reach 2000 set car coating in market in three years.
  • 2016.12 creative metal coating of DIY kit for bike and Motorcycle application.
  • 2016.12 setup training course room in Taipei.
  • 2016.9 First phase in REM coating in market.
  • 2016.6 Products of M7, M8, Fiber Sport pass the PFOS/PFOA analyzer.
  • 2016.6  BETAGINNOVATION distributor in Taiwan ,Phase in TOYOTA Taiwan
  • 2016.3  Phease in Gogoro 23 parts of PPF.
  • 2015.12 Web shop catalog in Asia of  Pchome, Yahoo, Ruten in market
  • 2014.12 McPRO shipping to oversea as , Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore,Thailand , Russia, USA, Brazil, Turkey.
  • 2013.7  McPRO official website update version 2.
  • 2013.1  First VOC FREE product in DIY market.
  • 2013.1 first DIY coating course creation in Market.
  • 2013.1 McPRO International since Jan.2013, Focus on Auto detailing application products.