PEZ: Looking back at 2011, do you think that maybe you were too young to be riding the Giro d’Italia for a WorldTour team (BMC)?
Yeah, for my situation it was, because I bought a bike when I was 19 and I was Pro before I was even done with Under 23 and in those two short years in-between I was in university and so I was only racing two month out of the year. So when I started racing pro I was still at school. The winter was a bit rough with timing and so my base wasn’t that big. Yes… it was too soon, but that’s life, you always want to bite off more than you can chew and it was very eye opening to learn from so many great professionals, and you see the top of the sport, how hard people train, how professional they are, you learn a lot of stuff. Maybe instead of taking eight years to move up and see it, I kind of peeked in and saw it and I’ve taken that with me. I’ve been on different level teams, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

PEZ: What was your high point in 2016?
Cycling Academy is a really cool team and to see that culture. Israel was cool, I am a Christian, so I’ve studied that stuff, as a human being it was cool to see that stuff that I had learned about, that was a really amazing experience. I would never trade that for anything. I’ve been to so many countries racing, but that was the most special.